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Great Awakening Global Community Header

Too much is at stake... we MUST organize, strategize, mobilize, Unify both online AND offline immediately. Scott and I will be producing in-person events and online events...

It's Time... For WE THE PEOPLE of the world to UNIFY and RISE above the drama, challenges, lack, deception, dark energies & rituals abrogating our Free Will & shifting our reality!

May 1st, 2020 - We are excited to be re-launching a revised version of our online community from 2015-2016! The name of that online community was “New Earth Global Community”. You can see a bit of history and testimonials below.

Having a central location to
 UNIFY is imperative!

This Community is committed to being a place of: 

Truth, Love, Respect, Honor, Clarity, Compassion, Transparency, Up-leveling

Unification, Mastery, Up-Leveling, Shining Light on Darkness

God, Country & Mother Earth

I AM That I AM

Who Is Invited?

People that identify as: Patriots, Red-Pillers, Newbie, Digital Soldiers,

Media People, Lightworkers, Awake Beings of Light, Whistleblowers etc. 

Who Is Not Invited?

Who is NOT invited? "Lurkers" and "Larps" that are NOT interested in Truth, Freedom, Awakening, God, Love or participating in growing and building this community. People that instigate disharmony or project disdain, people that want to lurk and spy on what is happening here and report it back to someone for nefarious reasons. People that are more interested in "being right", rude, hateful, racist, or divisive than being in alignment with the true essence, intentions and commitments of this community regardless of whether it's here online or at any of our offline sponsored events. 

Further... we are calling in CONSEQUENCE TO ANYONE who comes into this community with any of these intentions knowingly creating disharmony, distortion or spying. Consequence does not need to come from the hand of the "invoker", but from God in ways that are unrelated to the offense. 

Seal of Integrity-v1

See Seal of Integrity details below

In full transparency and clarity... THIS is the law of the land of this community... so if you are in any way aligned with this "non-invited" beingness or intentions, think twice about coming through the front door.

We Are In This Together - it's been my tagline for 6 years! 

So Much Love, Appreciation and Light!

P.S. You will be required to agree to the Community Integrity & Confidentiality Guidelines and Agreement.

  • It’s Time… To go beyond anywhere we’ve gone before as humanity... to breakthrough to the other side... to uplevel to a higher awakened consciousness
  • It’s Time… To break free from the shackles of enslavement matrix
  • It's Time... To call out the true Enemy of the People... and rise above their agenda, intentions and suppression

What is The Great Awakening Phase 1?

The Great Awakening Phase 1 is to move humanity back to a level playing field.  So many / millions know and understand what we're dealing with as the nefarious underbelly that has totally abrogated our Free Will. and complete altering our reality & timeline since JFK's murder. This reality is NOT what most people have thought it was for the last 30+ years. 

People must see there's a reason for the destruction of humanity’s ability to co-create with Source. 

The Great Awakening Phase 1 is to build a massive ground swell of people who understand what darkness has been wielded against us. I refer to this as the Designed Assault Against Humanity. It has also been an assault against Humanity’s Awakening.


It’s Time for America to evolve into what the Founders laid the foundation for, for us to LEAD the world to true Freedom out of the Enslavement Matrix.

To anchor a new reality… starting with Birthing a new Nation - America… and WE ARE THE BRIDGES!

 a - m - e - r - i - c - a



I AM That I AM

LOL - Did you just learn something new? Powerful, huh?
It's America's role to LEAD the way to FREEDOM NOW!

  • It’s Time… along with the millions of other awake “Beings of Light” to cast out the dark forces, to become an UnTouchable
  • It’s Time… To evolve into the POWERFUL WARRIOR OF LIGHT inside AND outside! For some of you this will be matching your digital soldier engagement
  • It’s Time… To execute and implement a long term strategy for birthing a new nation, then a new world, all as a new reality

We are in a Spiritual War

how is this community addressing That?

Since 2008 I, Deb have been taught by God and my Guides how to recognize this Spiritual War and the infiltration that goes along with it. I've been taught how to clear and transmute the energies, and then to teach others to do it themselves. After working with over 1000 private clients and students, I’ve become Masterful at this. I am recognized at a level of Mastery by other well-known spiritual teachers that understand this subject as well; it’s not just me saying this! Scott has been engaging with these tactics since we met in late 2013 and has also become Masterful!

This is a huge aspect of the Spiritual War that is taking place both multi-dimensionally in the unseen - as well as here, physically, in the SEEN reality that most are existing in, within the Matrix…

The Spiritual War is not understand by most on how it’s affecting your daily life, abrogating your Free Will and wreaking havoc with your day to day experiences of creating, fulfilling hearts desires and even experiencing grace and ease...

That is “part”of my role… to teach you this, along with Activating New Leaders and everyone who chooses “I AM Presence” - to become powerful Warriors of Light who want to go beyond anywhere they've been until now.

Ultimately what is the Great Awakening beyond this Great Awakening Transition? (What happens once people are aware of the darkness? Does it just go away all by itself?)

What is The Great Awakening Phase 2?
We Are In The Great Awakening Transition

It is Essential to learn how to Clear Your Field and transmute dark force entities... If you Are Going to THRIVE in the Coming New Earth Reality...

  • Phase 2 is going beyond just being Awake to the true essence of your Warrior of Light beingness - from the inside out.
  • Phase 2 is understanding HOW the nefarious dark force energies are abrogating the Free Will of humanity.
  • Phase 2 is understanding HOW these dark force energies interfere with the mico-cosm of your day to day reality, while doing the same in the macrocosm.
  • Phase 2 is going beyond just understanding - to learning how to thoroughly clear, transmute and command these energies and entities from trespassing in your field.
  • Phase 2 is preparing you to create an entirely new reality for your personal life, as well as the awakened and conscious global community of the planet.

What Else makes this community special and Unique?

Month #1 May 2020 - "Celebrating Through Acclimating & Activating You & This New Community"

I will be conducting a weekly LIVE event either as a conference call or a Zoom presentation. We'll make that determination on a week by week basis. Dates will be announced 

The intention of these calls will be:

  • 1
    To engage everyone in laying the foundation and purpose of this powerful Community
  • 2
    To engage in conversation about growing this community
  • 3
    To verbalize, anchor and Activate the intention that is laid out in writing about this Community
  • 4
    To introduce you to my telepathic Communication and Activations that are aligned in people’s Highest Good & Highest Truth

What Do you want people to know about yourself?

a safe, loving environment to engage with like-minded & Like-hearted beings

This community is An alternative to other censored platforms

 Deb & Scott's Background At a Glance

If you are not aware of our backgrounds and how long "we've been at it" supporting people with their awakening, then here some insight...

My awakening starting with a profound experience in 1987 with a long and clear Telepathic communication during an intense heart opening personal development seminar. I had just "fallen" into the  entertainment industry in Hollywood and worked my way up to production manager and producer of music videos, film and misc. media projects. I've gone through many years of isolation to pursue the Telepathic teachings from God and my Guides. I'm an award-winning producer to completely transforming (via Activations and deeply conscious work) to a cutting-edge spiritual teacher, Telepath and Activator and a conduit to create profound transformation, healing AND UP-LEVELING for people.

I started promoting “The Great Awakening” in 2012 and utilizing the phrase “We Are In This Together” in everything I did starting in 2013. I share this because it’s part of the bridge of JFK communicating with me since 2012… He is leading this movement from the other side, along with many other “Beings of Light” that are tired of seeing humanity being annihilated. See Who is Deb for more detail.

AND to get to know my awesome an amazing hubby, Scott, you'll want to know about his documentary, What the FUQ, and why he's known and respected throughout the more awakened community of Australia from about 9 years ago. See Who is Scott for more detail. 

Timeline Of Our Recent Background

2008-2012: Deb was living back and forth between Los Angeles and the Mount Shasta area. Spending a lot of time in isolation being taught by God and Guides about the alchemical transformation I was going through for several years, the infiltration and so so much more!

2010: Scott started his awakening journey through the process of importing his (completed remodeled in the States) 1959 Corvette to Australia. Out of necessity because of all of the BS he went through with the government, he started to uncover the details of what became his documentary.

December 2010: Deb became immersed in the GCR. Also Activated first spiritual client who immediately also became multi-dimensional!

2012: Deb re-launched iTV show "Wake Up... Shift Is Happening TV!" in a real LA studio! Intro motion graphic show cased "The Great Awakening" for the next several years of doing shows on again and off again. 

2012: Scott produced, wrote, directed the documentary What The FUQ? - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government".

2013: Scott came to the U.S. to do spiritual work with Deb in Mount Shasta for a month which was filled with many amazing experiences for both of us. Scott stayed 3 months and we eloped at the end of 3 months! LOL crazy story! We moved to Australia unexpectedly (since that's Scott's home country) and lived there for almost 3 years. We were doing webinars and other spiritual courses throughout those years.

2015: Got the guidance to do a live broadcast show 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show. Our show was a “Counter Protocol With Light” iTV event for purpose of doing live “black magic, ritual de-coding and transmuting energy harvesting” during the Halftime Show. We had an awesome panel that included Sean Stone of Buzzsaw, Mark Pasio, Freeman Fly & others. It was a powerful broadcast. You can view it here.

July 2015: Got the Guidance to start a show again! We turned our awesome apartment in Sydney that overlooked the Opera House & Cruise ship port into a 2 camera studio! I did about 40 short "teaching videos", changed my brand from "Wake Up...Shift Is Happening TV!" to "Waking Up With Deb". LOL if you see design elements that still have those websites instead of our current site" then that's why!!! 

November 22, 2015: Deb launched a weekly GCR show with Sean, another person involved in the GCR. 

December 2015: Launched the online community "New Earth Global Community". Had an immediate 1000 plus members. Did a lot of calls, teachings and engaging with GCR intentions, which is a huge part of the NESARA endeavor.

2016: We got the guidance to head back to Mount Shasta to live and continue with our spiritual work (and broadcasts were a strong intention too). We worked incredible hard with "co-creating" the ability to purchase a spiritual retreat center, which we finalized in October 2016. Some disturbing things occurred immediately after that move with the online community. Additionally we experienced major infiltration challenges after moving into our new home. We shut EVERYTHING down to "re-group". 

Earth Day April 22, 2018: Launched the new brand and website "Transcend the Matrix". Scott was working over in Sydney while still working on his Green card for the U.S. Deb did a few media events and speaking engagement at ECETI but was focused on a reality show pilot in Los Angeles for the "tuning in and Activation" work I do. I was in conversation with several development execs but dropped that when I got the guidance to...

October 2018: ...focus all energy and efforts on the GCR / NESARA. THAT was a lot of travel to Los Angeles, Zurich, Germany and Miami. I was so incredibly Divinely Guided to be able to cultivate relationships with people that have since become VIPs in the entire process.

February 2020: With the "pause" of our project funds being released, Scott and I returned from Florida to our Mount Shasta home and have totally reconstructed our website Totally co-incidentally we did our soft launch, first email in many years on Earth Day again.

April 22, 2020: Take 2 Re-birth of - seriously without trying to hit that mark of a date!

May 1, 2020: Our first show together since 2014 when we were on Sean Stone's Buzz Feed together! We'll be LIVE on RedPill78 at 10pm EST via YouTube.

May 1, 2020: Will also be the Official Re-birth of our online community now called, "Great Awakening Global Community, A Unified Field to Create the New Earth Reality" 

New Earth Global Community Header

See what previous members had to say in 2015/16 from our online

New Earth Global Community!

"This Community relieves my social world isolation"

Wonderful call tonight! I continue to deepen in my realization of what and incredible blessing it is to be a part of this community. I have felt pretty isolated in my social world as far as being in community with people who are are aware of what's really going on behind the scenes even though I have amazing friends who are very highly evolved and beautiful beings.


Heart of Gold

NEGC Member 2015

"Educating myself & others - going beyond my comfort zone"

I have made tremendous strides since 9/11, educating myself and others (without ramming anything down anyone's throat), having a greater connection to nature - getting out of my comfort zone by allowing a cat to come into my life and providing a home for it, to this very day (I was deathly afraid of cats before that); connecting to people on a global basis via Facebook and Skype - it's nice to see that people are on the same page as me

Om Rounded Lavender

Pamela M

NEGC Member 2016

Seal of Integrity-v1

See Seal of Integrity details below

100% Integrity Required!

We have launched a new “Seal” like a seal of approval but it’s a Seal of Integrity. This Seal of Integrity serves several purposes:
    1.    It’s our Seal of Integrity in partnership with you, that is what you can expect from us
    2.    And … it’s mostly what we are calling into our reality FROM YOU!
    3.    For you to be accountable with Integrity regarding all of the things that you’re engaging with, with us, just for starters!  
    4.    Example - if you purchase or are gifted one of our experiential tools or webinars or programs that are digital based; that you don’t share these with others…
    5.    And in the big picture of our reality, that if we want to live in a world that is full of honest and transparency, then you, we MUST engage with that way of being we want to experience in the world

So Thank you for engaging with full Integrity pertaining to us and hopefully yourself and all other aspects of your life!
Much Love to You!
Deb & Scott

Confidentiality & Integrity Agreement

Great Awakening Global Community 

A Unified Field for the New Earth Reality

Confidentiality & Integrity Agreement

Agreement with these terms is pre-requisite to your registration and continued membership of the Great Awakening Global Community; an online community space that has been created and is being guided by Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle, aligned with portal site 

This is a conscious / awakening community geared towards members that specifically identify as Patriots, RedPillers, Lightworkers, Beings of Light etc., with specific purposes and intentions below:

Intentions & Purposes of this Community:

  • To be a sacred space for and with like-minded and like-hearted people that are committed to awakening and being conscious
  • To be a safe space to share research, ah-ha’s of awakening, truth and personal challenges that can be supported by family and community
  • To UNIFY everyone and begin to organize for the coming months (and years) ahead
  • For members to ENGAGE in creating this community, to be a powerful AND joyful place to grow and build relationships
  • To begin the conversation of Co-Creating a New Earth Reality 
  • To begin to establish the foundation for LIVE / offline events starting in June 2020

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of these purposes, intentions and guidelines for the online AND offline Community, as well as for each member.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of Integrity, Truth, Honoring, Transparency, Love, Courage, Strength, Compassion, Presence of God and Safe Environment to share and be vulnerable without the fear of censorship or suspension (unless serious action against the community guidelines is taken), but certainly not for sharing truth and uncovering details of the Designed Assault Against Humanity

Integrity & Confidentiality

  • I commit to allowing others to share vulnerably & transparently
  • I will hold the utmost integrity of confidentiality for personal information, experiences and / or challenges shared by people within the Community and DO NOT SHARE outside of the Great Awakening Global Community unless you get permission
  • I will honor each person’s share without judgment
    Maintain in your engagement, the sacredness of the community that’s being established
  • I will not knowingly share information that is not true or backed up by facts
  • I will not use this space to “network” for the purpose of selling of goods and wares. 

(If you have an awesome product and want to introduce it to the community, the only way we want that to be done is through Deb and Scott. Do not Private Message people trying to sell things and if you are PM’d by someone, PLEASE communicate this to Deb, Scott or a moderator, preferably via PM. 

  • I will endeavor to be respectful, discerning and empowering, whilst engaging with commenting
  • I agree to report via PM to Deb, Scott or a moderator when someone breaches trust with any of these items, including promoting or networking. 

This is NOT to create a “snitch” environment; it IS to create a SACRED environment… there IS a difference!

Who is NOT invited? 

As a reminder – here is the list of people NOT invited to engage, participate or register for the Great Awakening Global Community, A Unified Field of Light for Creating a New Earth Reality.

“Lurkers” and “Larps” that are NOT interested in Truth, Freedom, Awakening, God, Love or participating in growing and building this community. People that instigate disharmony or project disdain, people that want to lurk and spy on what is happening here and report it back to someone for nefarious reasons. People that are more interested in “being right”, rude, hateful, racist, or divisive than being in alignment with the true essence, intentions and commitments of this community regardless of whether it’s here online or at any of our offline sponsored events. 

Further… we are calling in CONSEQUENCE TO ANYONE who comes into this community with any of these intentions knowingly creating disharmony, distortion or spying. Consequence does not need to come from the hand of the “invoker”, but from God in ways that are unrelated to the offense. 

See Seal of Integrity details below

In full transparency and clarity… THIS is the law of the land of this community… so if you are in any way aligned with this “non-invited” beingness or intentions, think twice about coming through the front door.

Community Background

Ssince our first online community, New Earth Global Community 2015-2016, we have maintained a relationship with some of those members. Back then Deb’s teachings, tools and Activations were available via website and brand, “Waking Up With Deb” and Scott’s was These people have become “family”, have maintained their commitment to their spiritual path and we know their level of Integrity. We asked them as a special favor, to become the Foundational Moderators for 2-4 weeks until we can establish more trusting relationships with our new community and family!

Since 2018, just after launching the 1st version of, Deb got the guidance to take a deep dive into the already 7 year involvement of the GCR aka NESARA. That deep dive has taken her to various countries in Europe, as well as several specific cities in the States. The relationships have now been forged, the clients aligned and the projects humanitarian projects set in motion for lift off. The level of confidentiality needed during those years was intense. That is why we have not done shows or been in the public at ALL until now, May 1st 2020. Many details are explained in various aspects of our “timeline at a glance” and bios. 

The reason this is being shared in this Integrity & Confidentiality Agreement is because, although you have not seen us in the public ignition of the Great Awakening, we are by no means newbies! We love, honor, respect and appreciate every person that chooses a path of Light, God, Patriotism and Love. You are at Choice Point; Choose Wisely!

Very Specific Awakening / Spiritual Expansion – Added Bonus!

Another level of commitment is to introduce people to what’s possible via Deb’s Activations, Telepathic Communication and Mastery of Recognizing and Clearing Dark Force Energy. All of this is for the ultimate goal and intention for people to be able to Co-Create their personal reality while engaging in a Unified Field of Light to Co-Create a New Earth Reality.

  • To introduce the spiritual path of Alchemy that Deb Activates, as well as the transmuting of issues and blocks. Additionally, engage people with the possibility of learning how to become masterful at Clearing Entities & Dark Force energies. Deb has taught since 2010 and Scott since meeting Deb in 2013. 
  • To share insights and wisdom that further support people’s awakening, the building and expansion of this community and the anchoring of a New Earth Reality
  • This by no means is a hidden agenda of this community – it is an added benefit and will be determined as we move forward how it will be offered to be engaged with

This can be engaged with in several ways by members. The first will be through a weekly call Deb and Scott will do for the month of May 2020. After May these recordings will be made available to new members to engage with.

v1.0 – Apr 30 2020

"Eyes wide open watching history unfold right before my eyes"

I do need something but this is uncharted territory for me and I don't know what is necessary. I was "reaching for straws" and trying to "fix what was wrong with me" as so many have told me.

But then I decided to change my perspective and just be still and let whatever is trying to reach me/teache me do its work. I feel privileged to have my eyes wide open watching history unfold right before my eyes. I want to be part of the change that makes this a better world for my children and generations to come. 

Joining this community has been an answer to some of my unanswered questions and has helped soothe my restless spirit. Thank you all for the opportunity to walk though it with all of you.

Om Rounded Green

Jessica C

NEGC Member 2016

"Exposing the fraud... the destruction that ripples through families..."

I began my studies into the fraud perpetuated against We the People in 2008 and fell prey to the foreclosure debacle, losing my home in 2010 and the following two years fighting the judicial system to expose the fraud to no avail.

Because of my experience with foreclosure and the destruction that ripples through families that experience it, I have a passion to help those that are displaced, including their displaced pets, with a place to live while regaining their independence -the logistics of how to accomplish this is still a work in progress.

Om Rounded Yellow

Linda D

NEGC Member 2016

"We are in this together"

Thanks Deb! I'm new to the site and want to give a hello to all. I've been catching up on the videos and perusing the site ~ I so appreciate the High Vibration of this community!

Much gratitude for the beautiful blend of spirit and science brought forth by Deb, Scott... the team and community.

Om Rounded Red


NEGC Member 2016

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